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Hilborne's multi-jurisdictional practice offers you the unique opportunity to reduce the administrative burden of managing an international portfolio. Rather than deal with several foreign agents, Hilborne can be your single point of contact for all your intellectual property needs.


In some jurisdictions we act directly. All powers of attorney and correspondence with the local registrar will be in the name of Hilborne, Hawkin & Co. Filing directly allows us to cut unnecessary costs and offer the most competitive fees. 

Browse some of our direct filing jurisdictions using the map.


Some jurisdictions have yet to formalize intellectual property legislation. In these jurisdictions, the only mechanism available for establishing IP rights and informing the public of the same is publication of a cautionary notice. 

We offer this service for all the jurisdictions in the map shown here.


While we file in virtually every country in the world, we experience more frequent interest and larger filing volume in some jurisdictions. In these jurisdictions, we have culvtivated longstanding relationships with local associates resulting in fees that are substantially lower than those available to most firms. Ultimately, we pass those savings on to you. 

If you wish to protect your IP rights in a jurisdiction not listed here, simply submit an inquiry.

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